Thursday, May 7, 2015

Think outside the box - Literally

We’ve all heard the advice, “Think outside the box,” but now, thanks to a team of researchers, the cliché takes on a whole new, literal meaning.

Three scholars of management and organizations—two from the University of Michigan, one from New York University (NYU)—reveal their compelling new findings about creativity. The writers indicate a direct correlation between people’s physical experiences and their ability to come up with fresh ideas and solutions.

In one study, the team gave 102 NYU undergraduates an assignment calling for innovative thinking: “to generate a word (‘tape,’ for example) that related to each of three presented word clues (‘measure,’ ‘worm,’ and ‘video’).” Some of the test subjects had to sit inside a 125-cubic-foot box built of plastic pipe and cardboard, while the others worked, yes, outside the box. Fascinatingly, the latter group thought up “over 20 percent more creative solutions.”

Another study focused on 104 Singapore Management University students. The researchers asked them to look at pictures of Lego objects, and imagine novel ways in which the objects could be used. The students had to think while walking—some freely, others around a rectangular path marked out with duct tape. As in the first experiment, the group with greater flexibility produced “over 25 percent more original ideas.” The article explains how this was measured.

These examples of what psychologists call “embodied cognition” blur the mind-body distinction long present in Western thought. “Bodily experiences can help create new knowledge,” the authors say, so “we may have to avoid working in cubicles” if our jobs demand creativity. But not completely, for “to think outside the box, you first need a box".

Monday, May 4, 2015

Journey without an end

It’s the saying that love is a journey, not a destination.

If it’s to last, must lie in the journey, not in the destination; in the moving of two people towards common goals, not in the goals themselves. It’s not a competition to be won, nor a mark to be achieved. It doesn’t exist in the check points of a to-do list.  

It runs parallel to all that, bubbling along quietly and settling as it pleases. And all we can do is hope that where it settles is with us, and long enough for us to really appreciate it for what it is. 

But its our egos what seem to get in the way of understanding those who we love and care about. Often it is our need to be right that makes what others think and feel so wrong for us. I have certainly been quite guilty of this in my relationship. 

I read a note written by a beautiful lady after the fight with her love that completely changed my outlook 

"And i thought you cared. You do I know. I guess its the understanding problem between us. We should be resolving it. Me or him we have to lose our ego to understand each other and to be with each other. If we want to be together. We need to understand each other"

Understand your love. Lose your ego and enjoy this beautiful journey without an end.

Friday, May 1, 2015

My diary is my best friend

My hand moves across the page, and I’m liking my own handwriting. It feels strange to like such a bad handwriting , even I’ve disliked it for so long! Nobody will remember what happened today, but I will. I’ve written it down. And sometimes I get revelations, about my now and about my past. With the help of my diary I am able to know about the monsters dwelling inside my head.

That’s when it’s exhilarating to write.