Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aditi

Dear Aditi,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!.

I will be the first to admit that I suck in person and on the phone in expressing my feelings and being all mushy. I just get so nervous and the words fail me. I am so much better at putting pen to paper or my fingers to the keyboard and spilling out my thoughts. So because of this, you can understand why we talk over texts so much.

I am doing this post as part of a Birthday gift to my friend, Aditi. :) Happy 23rd Birthday to you!

I don’t remember the exact date that my colleague went from being simply my colleague (which is an amazing thing in itself) to being a friend. From the beginning, we had different interests, but also a lot in common.

I still remember all those silly talks, beating, making fun of our other colleagues in the office.

I still remember unplugging the power to your LG laptop.

I still remember you scolding me every time for not wearing my glasses.

I still remember you laughing over me giving reports in the biggest font size available.

I still remember the worst drink we (actually only me) had in CCD.

Ahh..! I am good at memory, I remember (almost) everything.     

I wish that your Mr. Right would hurry up and show his face, because you deserve an amazing guy. I think he is taking longer to show up, not because of anything you lack (might be :P), but rather because there’s not very many great guys out there who are awesome enough for someone as great as you. I think I am allowed to lie a little.

Hope we get more such wonderful memories to cheer on, cherish and celebrate. And just for the records I am eagerly waiting for your book, although you know I hate reading books. Happy Birthday!